Memorize Words

What is Memorize Words?

Memorize Words is a suite of vocabulary building applications designed to help you memorize thousands of words as quickly as possible while maintaining a 90% retention rate. Constructed to be similar to traditional flash-cards, each day you’ll review words and learn new words selected automatically based on word frequency.

What makes Memorize Words different from flash-cards is that you're reminded of words the moment you are going to forget them. Words that you become proficient at show up less often over the weeks and months. In this manner you can memorize thousands of words yet only review a few difficult words each day.


  • Retention - Utilizes a Spaced Repetition Algorithm so you actually retain vocabulary for life.
  • Useful - Has a large vocabulary of frequently used words.
  • Correct Pronunciations - Each word is professionally recorded by a native speaker so you can hear how it is pronounced.
  • Fun - Includes four entertaining games in addition to flash-cards.
  • Variety - Multiple languages to choose from
  • Easy - Simple to use

Current Languages

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • German (coming soon...)


Keep Practicing While Having Fun

Of course all practice and no play gets old fast. That’s why we included a few simple word games, with more being created, to keep you focused on words you’re least proficient with.

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So How does it Work?

Whenever you learn a new concept like “corbata = necktie,” the likelihood of you remembering this fact decays over time exponentially. However, if you're reminded later that “corbata = necktie,” the concept becomes more cemented in your mind and likelihood of you remembering will not decay as rapidly.

Memorizing words efficiently is all about timing. Review a word too often and you'll waste time; review a word too infrequently and you'll forget it. Memorize Words tracks your rate of forgetting individual words, reminding you that “corbata” means “necktie” when your Recall rate for the word “corbata” has dropped below 90%.

You will start each session by reviewing words and assessing how well you remembered them. This self-grading fine-tunes the Recall model and schedules the best time to review each word for a future session.

With everyday use, this application will help you acquire a vast body of Spanish words with a retention rate spanning years rather than weeks.

So what is the Spanish word for necktie?

Does it Really Work?

Yes, it does. Quite well in fact. Ever since our initial release we’ve collected anonymous snapshots of student’s flashcards to refine the spaced repetition algorithm and quality control. There’s now a significant set of individuals who have, through daily use and a higher learning rate, reached the 4000 to 5000 word mark.


Since this data is anonymous, we would love to hear from these individuals. Please contact us, if you’ve gotten past 4000 words.